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Energy Saver provides energy efficiency and renewable energy information to U.S. consumers, including families, homeowners, renters, and drivers.

Efficient Lighting

Day Lighting Saves Lighting will play a big part in the future of most businesses. Some will view it as a practical technological step to take and others will look at it as an essential pillar for sustainability. Overall it is an advantage that reduces a business’s carbon footprint and has a positive effect on energy efficiency and costs. Day Lighting Saves Services (EES), is the leading energy consultation firm in Northern California. We aim to support our clients with forward-thinking energy solutions and shepherd businesses across all industries towards a more sustainable existence.

Lighting is the most basic, yet also the most costly and wasteful challenge for any business. Day Lighting Saves Services is committed to installing state-of-the-art systems that will immediately improve energy consumption and deliver long-term value. The team at EES will redesign and retrofit your existing lighting scheme, implement advanced energy saving technologies and develop a plan that is tailored to the unique needs and goals of your company. Our Day Lighting Saves lighting is designed to seamlessly integrate into your current space and enhance the way your business functions from the start.

Quality Lighting

Day Lighting Saves Services is the leading energy consultation company in Northern California and we aim to support our clients with forward-thinking energy solutions and steer them towards a more sustainable existence. While efficient lighting is our top concern we still aim to give our clients outstanding Quality Lighting. What good would an expensive LED lighting system do if it weren’t visually pleasing to the area?

At Day Lighting Saves Services we have three core responsibilities to our clients: reducing their carbon footprint, increasing the quality of lighting and lastly implementing cost saving strategies. Many energy-consulting companies look past the value of quality and aesthetically pleasing quality of lighting. At EES a lot of time goes into proper planning and designing of our lighting upgrades. We take particular care to detail and in ensuring that the new system makes sense in the workplace. The architectural appearance of lights in your building cannot only look more appealing but actually offer the best balance of effective lighting placement as well as increased energy savings.

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